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Request for NOC for Transfer – Guidelines for Processing the Applications

Request for NOC for Transfer – Guidelines for Processing the Applications
  1. The Memorandum of Association of Table Tennis Federation of India (“TTFI”) in Clause 25 provides for the transfer of players:

    1. Transfer of Player:

      1. A player seeking transfer to another affiliated unit of the Federation shall inform the three parties concerned - his/her current state association, the transferee association, and the federation - and register in writing before July 31 of the said year.
      2. The player seeking No Objection Certificate (NOC) from his/her current state association shall give at least 30-day notice.
      3. The application should accompany a letter of consent from the transferee association.
      4. The state association should respond within 30 days of the receipt of the application. The absence of response from the association shall be deemed as consent. The player should then approach the Federation. The Federation shall exercise its authority to issue a NOC, in writing, to the player.
    2. Those applying for transfer after April 1:

      1. A player shall follow the steps mentioned under (i) so as to complete the transfer process before July 31. Applications received after July 31 will not be considered for transfer for the current season.
  2. Discussion:

    The record of the TTFI shows that the TTFI has prescribed no criteria/guidelines/methodology/requirements for the purposes of issuing the NOC in terms of Clause d). Serious complaints with respect to the misuse of the transfer policy by players for malafide purposes have been received. These complaints include players who are residing and enrolled with educational institutions in State A, obtaining transfers for playing in State B. Parents and guardians of such players are employed and residing in State B. Bogus addresses from State B are being given to secure NOCs from TTFI and the State Table Tennis Associations. Sham documents of school admissions are also being propounded to support the request for the transfer. This has a serious impact on the valuable right of bonafide players of State B. Such malpractices deserve to be nipped in the bud as they have a deleterious effect on the game and are not in the spirit of genuine sport competition.

  3. In view of the above, a request for the grant of an NOC from the TTFI for the transfer of a player from one State to another must be accompanied by the following documents:

    1. All applications must disclose the reason for the transfer of the Players seeking the NOC.
    2. The Applicant should produce documentary proof from the educational institution as well as proof of the residential address at the place of transfer.
    3. In the case of minor Applicants, full details and particulars of the parents/guardian who shall be responsible for their residence and education at the place of transfer; along with supporting documents of parents/guardian’s employment, employer permission for shifting (if necessary), Aadhar Cards/Passports, etc. must accompany the applications.
    4. The Applicants shall produce the Transfer Certificate from the institution where they were studying and which has been produced before the authorities for admission at the place of transfer.
    5. Players who are employed should produce documents seeking/supporting transfer to the place of transfer. The application must be accompanied by a certificate from the employers as well as proof of residence at the place of transfer.
  4. The approval for transfer/NOC shall stand withdrawn/cancelled in case of any complaint which is found true or document which falsifies the claims made by the Applicant or manifests the malafide of the applicants.

  5. Along with the application, the Applicant or the parents/guardian of a minor Applicant, shall submit an undertaking to the TTFI to the effect that the request for transfer is being made bonafide and that the accompanying documents are correct. It shall be further undertaken that in case any statement or document is found false or fabricated, the Applicant shall not be entitled to any benefit of the NOC or the transfer. The matter may be referred to the authorities for legal action with regard to the fraudulent conduct in such eventuality.

  6. Subject to compliance with the above, the application for the NOC shall be examined by a Special Committee of the TTFI which shall include the President. It shall be open to this Committee to join or make inquiries as deemed necessary from the State Associations concerned as well as the Applicant. The Committee may require the production of further records by the Applicant.

  7. The Applicants for the grant of NOCs along with supporting documents as well as the approval granted by the TTFI shall be uploaded on its website including the approvals granted by TTFI.

By order of the Executive Committee:
P Nagender Reddy
General Secretary - TSTTA